Sweet potato tempura roll recipe

Sweet potato tempura roll recipe

Hello! Today, I’m going to show you a recipe for Sweet potato tempura roll that you can make and eat at home!

Sweet potato tempura roll recipe

About sweet potato tempura roll

Health and Nutritional Information:

  1. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll is a relatively healthy option compared to traditional fried rolls as it is typically lighter and lower in calories.
  2. Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, providing essential nutrients to support overall health.
  3. However, the nutritional content can vary depending on the specific ingredients used and the cooking method.

Meal Recommendation:

  1. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll is a delicious choice for those who enjoy sushi and want to try a unique twist with the addition of sweet potato.
  2. It can be enjoyed as a light meal or as part of a larger sushi platter.


  1. The main ingredients in Sweet Potato Tempura Roll typically include nori (seaweed), sushi rice, sweet potato slices, and tempura batter.
  2. Additional fillings such as avocado, cucumber, or cream cheese can be added for extra flavor and texture.

Historical and Cultural Background:

  1. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll is a modern variation of traditional sushi, which originated in Japan.
  2. Tempura, a cooking technique where ingredients are lightly battered and deep-fried, has its roots in Portuguese cuisine and was introduced to Japan in the 16th century.
  3. The combination of sweet potato and tempura in sushi reflects the creativity and innovation of modern sushi chefs.

Homemade Tips and Equipment:

  1. To make Sweet Potato Tempura Roll at home, you will need basic sushi-making equipment such as a bamboo sushi mat and a sharp knife.
  2. Preparing the sweet potato slices for tempura requires careful slicing and coating with tempura batter before frying.
  3. It is recommended to use fresh ingredients and high-quality sushi rice for the best results.

Matching with Food and Beverages:

  1. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll pairs well with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger, which are common condiments served with sushi.
  2. Green tea, both hot and cold, is a traditional and popular choice to accompany sushi and complements the flavors of Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

Shall we get started?
Take your time and follow along!

Sweet potato tempura roll recipe

Sweet potato tempura roll recipe and tips


  • Nori (seaweed) sheets
  • Sushi rice (cooked and seasoned)
  • Sweet potato slices (peeled and cut into thin strips)
  • Tempura batter
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • Optional fillings: avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, etc.


  1. Prepare the tempura batter according to the package instructions.
  2. Dip the sweet potato slices into the tempura batter, ensuring they are fully coated.
  3. Heat vegetable oil in a deep pan or fryer.
  4. Carefully place the sweet potato slices into the hot oil and fry until they turn golden brown and crispy. Remove and drain on a paper towel.
  5. Lay a sheet of nori on a bamboo sushi mat.
  6. Wet your hands with water and evenly spread a layer of sushi rice onto the nori, leaving a small border at the top.
  7. Arrange the sweet potato tempura slices and any additional fillings in a line across the rice.
  8. Using the sushi mat, roll the nori tightly, applying gentle pressure to shape the roll.
  9. Wet a sharp knife and slice the roll into bite-sized pieces.


  • To enhance the flavor, you can add a drizzle of spicy mayo or eel sauce on top of the roll.
  • Experiment with different fillings and combinations to suit your taste preferences.
  • Use fresh, high-quality ingredients for the best results.
  • If you’re new to sushi-making, it may take a few attempts to perfect the rolling technique, so don’t get discouraged.

Enjoy your delicious Sweet potato tempura roll!

Sweet potato tempura roll recipe

Calories of Sweet potato tempura roll

The calorie content of a sweet potato tempura roll can vary depending on the specific ingredients and portion size. On average, a single sweet potato tempura roll may contain approximately 200-300 calories. However, please note that this is an estimate and the calorie content may vary based on the recipe and serving size. It’s always a good idea to check the specific ingredients and quantities used in your recipe to calculate a more accurate calorie count.

Sweet potato tempura roll recipe

Recipe Review


  1. The sweet potato tempura roll has a visually appealing presentation with its colorful ingredients and neatly rolled shape.
  2. The combination of crispy sweet potato tempura and fresh sushi ingredients creates a unique and enticing texture.
  3. The sweet and savory flavors of the sweet potato tempura blend well with the other ingredients, providing a satisfying taste experience.
  4. The roll offers a delightful balance of flavors and textures, making it a popular choice among sushi enthusiasts.
  5. The sweet potato tempura roll is a creative twist on traditional sushi rolls, offering a delicious and satisfying alternative.

Taste Evaluation:

  1. The sweet potato tempura adds a crunchy and slightly sweet element to the roll, enhancing the overall taste.
  2. The creamy avocado and tangy sushi rice complement the sweet potato tempura, creating a harmonious combination of flavors.
  3. The addition of fresh vegetables, such as cucumber or lettuce, adds a refreshing and crisp texture to the roll.
  4. The combination of soy sauce and wasabi further enhances the flavors and provides a touch of spiciness to the roll.
  5. Overall, the sweet potato tempura roll offers a delightful blend of flavors and textures, making it a tasty and enjoyable sushi choice.

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The recipe for Sweet potato tempura roll, Enjoy your meal and have a happy day!

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