Soft Peanut Tiramisu Recipe

Soft Peanut Tiramisu Recipe

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Soft Peanut Tiramisu Recipe

About Peanut Tiramisu

Health and Nutritional Information:

Peanut tiramisu is a dessert that combines the flavors of traditional tiramisu with the addition of peanuts. It is important to note that peanut tiramisu is typically a rich and indulgent treat, and its nutritional profile may not be as healthful as other options. The exact nutritional information can vary depending on the specific recipe and ingredients used, but it generally contains ingredients like ladyfingers, peanut butter, cream cheese, sugar, and cocoa powder. While it can be enjoyed as an occasional indulgence, it is advisable to consume it in moderation due to its potential high calorie, fat, and sugar content.

Meal Recommendation and Ingredients:

Peanut tiramisu is typically enjoyed as a dessert or sweet treat after a meal. It pairs well with a cup of coffee or tea to complement the flavors. The main ingredients commonly used in peanut tiramisu include ladyfingers (sponge fingers), peanut butter, cream cheese, sugar, cocoa powder, and sometimes whipped cream or mascarpone cheese. Variations may exist depending on personal preference or regional interpretations.

History and Cultural Background:

Tiramisu, a classic Italian dessert, has a rich culinary history. Its origins are believed to date back to the 17th century in the region of Veneto, Italy. However, the incorporation of peanuts into the traditional tiramisu recipe is a variation that emerged in more recent times, adding a unique twist to the original dish. The exact cultural background of peanut tiramisu may vary depending on the region or individual chef who created the variation.

Homemade Tips and Equipment Introduction:

When making peanut tiramisu at home, it is important to ensure that the ladyfingers are properly soaked in coffee or a coffee-based syrup to achieve the desired texture and flavor. You can customize the amount of peanut butter and sugar to suit your taste preferences. As for equipment, a mixing bowl, electric mixer or whisk, and a rectangular dish or individual serving glasses are typically used in the preparation of peanut tiramisu.

Matching with Food and Beverages:

Peanut tiramisu pairs well with a variety of hot or iced beverages, such as coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or a cup of tea. The coffee flavor complements the rich and sweet elements of the dessert. As for food pairings, it can be enjoyed on its own as a standalone dessert, or you can serve it alongside fresh berries or a scoop of vanilla ice cream for added variety and contrast.

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Peanut tiramisu

Peanut Tiramisu Recipe and Tips


  • 24 ladyfingers (sponge fingers)
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 8 ounces (225 grams) cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • Optional toppings: crushed peanuts, chocolate shavings


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese, peanut butter, and granulated sugar. Mix until well combined and smooth.
  2. In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form.
  3. Gently fold the whipped cream into the peanut butter mixture until fully incorporated.
  4. In a rectangular dish or individual serving glasses, arrange a layer of ladyfingers on the bottom.
  5. Spoon a layer of the peanut butter mixture over the ladyfingers, spreading it evenly.
  6. Repeat the layering process, alternating between ladyfingers and the peanut butter mixture, until all the ingredients are used. The top layer should be the peanut butter mixture.
  7. Sift cocoa powder over the top layer to evenly cover the surface.
  8. Optional: Sprinkle crushed peanuts or chocolate shavings on top for added texture and decoration.
  9. Refrigerate the peanut tiramisu for at least 4 hours or overnight to allow the flavors to meld together and the ladyfingers to soften.
  10. Serve chilled and enjoy!


  • You can enhance the flavor by adding a touch of coffee liqueur or espresso to the peanut butter mixture for a hint of coffee taste.
  • Make sure to use ladyfingers that are firm but not overly dry. If they are too dry, they may not absorb the flavors and soften properly.
  • Allow the peanut tiramisu to chill in the refrigerator for an adequate amount of time to achieve the best texture and flavor.
  • Before serving, you can dust the top with additional cocoa powder for an extra touch of richness.
  • If desired, you can add a layer of chocolate ganache or drizzle chocolate sauce over the top for additional chocolatey goodness.

Enjoy your homemade peanut tiramisu!

Peanut tiramisu

Calories of peanut tiramisu

The calorie content of peanut tiramisu can vary depending on the specific recipe, ingredients used, and portion size. Here’s a general estimation of the calorie content:

On average, a serving of peanut tiramisu (approximately 1/8th of the recipe or a standard-sized slice) can contain around 300-400 calories. This estimate includes the calories from the ladyfingers, peanut butter, cream cheese, sugar, heavy cream, cocoa powder, and any optional toppings.

It’s important to note that this is an approximate value, and the actual calorie content may vary based on the specific ingredients and quantities used in your recipe. If you’re looking for a more accurate calorie count, it is recommended to calculate the nutritional information based on the exact ingredients and quantities used in your recipe using a reliable recipe calculator or nutrition analysis tool.

As peanut tiramisu is a dessert and can be rich in fats, sugars, and calories, it is advisable to enjoy it in moderation as an occasional treat.

Please keep in mind that the above estimate is provided as a general guideline, and actual calorie content may differ based on various factors.

Peanut tiramisu

Recipe Review


  • Peanut tiramisu presents an enticing dessert with layers of creamy goodness and a hint of nuttiness from the peanuts.
  • The visual appeal of the dessert, with its alternating layers of ladyfingers and peanut butter cream, is sure to captivate.
  • The presentation of peanut tiramisu, dusted with cocoa powder and garnished with crushed peanuts or chocolate shavings, adds an elegant touch.

Taste Evaluation:

  • Peanut tiramisu offers a delectable combination of flavors, blending the richness of the cream cheese and peanut butter with the delicate sweetness of the ladyfingers.
  • The creaminess of the peanut butter cream is balanced by the slight bitterness of cocoa powder, resulting in a harmonious taste experience.
  • The texture of the ladyfingers softens as they absorb the flavors, creating a delightful contrast with the creamy layers.
  • The addition of crushed peanuts or chocolate shavings provides a pleasant crunch and enhances the overall taste sensation.

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