Savory Egg Rice Balls Recipe

Savory Egg Rice Balls Recipe

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Savory Egg Rice Balls Recipe

About Egg Rice Balls

Health and Nutritional Information:

  • Egg rice balls are a nutritious dish that provides a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, and essential nutrients.
  • Eggs are a rich source of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium.
  • Rice serves as a good source of energy and provides dietary fiber, which aids in digestion.

Meal Recommendation:

  • Egg rice balls make for a satisfying and filling meal, suitable for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • They are a convenient and portable option for on-the-go meals or lunchboxes.


  • The main ingredients for egg rice balls typically include cooked rice, eggs, and various seasonings.
  • Additional ingredients can be added, such as vegetables, herbs, or proteins, to enhance the flavor and nutritional value.

History and Cultural Background:

  • Egg rice balls are a popular dish in many Asian cuisines, including Japanese and Korean cuisine.
  • They are often enjoyed as a comfort food or as a part of traditional celebrations and festivals.

Homemade Tips and Equipment:

  • To make egg rice balls, you will need a rice cooker or a pot to cook the rice and a frying pan to cook the eggs.
  • Adding chopped vegetables, such as carrots or peas, can add color, texture, and additional nutrients to the dish.
  • Use a plastic wrap or a rice ball mold to shape the rice into round or triangular balls.

Matching with Food and Beverages:

  • Egg rice balls can be enjoyed on their own as a complete meal.
  • They can be served with a side of pickled vegetables, a drizzle of soy sauce, or a dollop of spicy sauce for added flavor.
  • Pair them with a refreshing iced tea or a light soup for a well-rounded meal experience.

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an egg and rice bowl

Egg Rice Bowl Recipe and Tips

Egg Rice Bowl Recipe:


  • Cooked rice
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables (such as carrots, peas, bell peppers)
  • Protein (such as chicken, beef, tofu)
  • Soy sauce or other seasonings
  • Optional toppings (such as green onions, sesame seeds)


  1. Cook the rice according to the package instructions and set it aside.
  2. In a separate pan, scramble the eggs until fully cooked. Set them aside.
  3. In the same pan, sautΓ© the vegetables and protein until they are cooked through.
  4. Add the cooked rice to the pan and mix well with the vegetables and protein.
  5. Season the mixture with soy sauce or other desired seasonings, adjusting the taste according to your preference.
  6. Serve the egg rice bowl in a bowl or on a plate, and garnish with optional toppings.


  • You can customize the ingredients based on your preferences and dietary needs. Feel free to add or substitute vegetables, protein, or seasonings according to your taste.
  • Adding a drizzle of sesame oil or a splash of vinegar can enhance the flavor of the dish.
  • For an extra kick of flavor, consider adding minced garlic or ginger while sautΓ©ing the vegetables and protein.
  • To save time, you can use leftover cooked rice and pre-cooked protein.
  • Experiment with different toppings, such as sliced avocado, pickled ginger, or a sprinkle of furikake (Japanese rice seasoning), to add variety and texture to your egg rice bowl.

Enjoy your homemade egg rice bowl!

an egg and rice bowl

Calories of eggs and rice balls

The calorie content of eggs and rice balls can vary depending on the specific recipe and serving size. Here is a general estimate of the calories in these ingredients:

  • Eggs: On average, a large egg contains about 72-78 calories.
  • Rice balls: The calorie content of rice balls will depend on the size and ingredients used. A plain rice ball without any fillings or additional ingredients typically contains around 100-150 calories.

Please note that these calorie estimates are approximate and can vary based on the specific ingredients and cooking methods used in your recipe. It’s always best to refer to the nutritional information for the specific ingredients and quantities you are using to get a more accurate calorie count.

an egg and rice bowl

Recipe Review


  • The egg rice bowl recipe is a delightful and satisfying dish that combines the flavors of eggs and rice in a convenient and portable form.
  • It is a versatile recipe that allows for various fillings and toppings, making it customizable to individual preferences.
  • The combination of fluffy rice and creamy scrambled eggs creates a comforting and hearty meal option.

Taste Evaluation:

  • The egg rice balls have a delicious and savory taste with a hint of natural sweetness from the rice.
  • The creamy and fluffy texture of the scrambled eggs pairs perfectly with the tender rice grains, creating a delightful mouthfeel.
  • The combination of flavors from the eggs and rice, along with any added fillings or seasonings, results in a satisfying and flavorful dish.

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