Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice

Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice

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Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice


Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice

Health and Nutrition:

The Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange, and Wild Rice is a nutritious and well-balanced meal. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats from ingredients like kale, avocado, and wild rice. The combination of colorful fruits and vegetables provides a range of antioxidants and nutrients, making it a wholesome choice.

Meal Recommendation:

This bowl makes for a satisfying lunch or dinner option. Its diverse range of ingredients offers a mix of flavors and textures, making it a filling and nourishing meal choice.

Culinary Background:

The concept of Buddha bowls originated from Buddhist monks who believed in the practice of mindful eating and consuming a balanced combination of plant-based foods. Over time, the concept has evolved to include a variety of ingredients that contribute to both taste and nutrition.

Homemade Tips and Equipment:

To enhance the flavors of the Buddha bowl, consider adding a homemade dressing or vinaigrette. Mixing olive oil, lemon juice, and a touch of honey can create a simple and flavorful dressing. As for equipment, a sharp knife and a cutting board are essential for preparing the ingredients.

Food and Beverage Pairing:

Complement the freshness of the Buddha bowl with a light and refreshing drink like herbal tea or infused water. The meal’s vibrant flavors pair well with a sparkling water infused with citrus slices or fresh herbs.

Ingredient Cost:

The cost of the ingredients for the Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange, and Wild Rice can vary based on factors like location and seasonality. However, the combination of kale, avocado, orange, and wild rice is relatively affordable, especially when considering the nutritional value and variety it provides.

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Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice

Cooking time, Recipe and Tips, Storage and Shelf Life

Cooking Time:

The Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange, and Wild Rice can be prepared in approximately 30 to 40 minutes, including the time needed to cook the wild rice and assemble the bowl.

Recipe and Tips:

  • Fresh kale leaves, washed and chopped
  • Ripe avocado, sliced
  • Fresh orange segments
  • Cooked wild rice
  1. Cook the wild rice according to package instructions until tender. Drain any excess water and let it cool.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine the chopped kale, avocado slices, orange segments, and cooked wild rice.
  3. Toss the ingredients gently to mix them evenly.
  4. For added flavor, consider drizzling a simple vinaigrette made with olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt, and pepper over the bowl.
  5. Serve immediately as a refreshing and nutritious meal.
  • Massaging the kale leaves with a small amount of olive oil and lemon juice before assembling the bowl can help soften them and enhance their flavor.
  • To prevent the avocado from browning, you can sprinkle a little lemon or lime juice over the slices before adding them to the bowl.
  • Customize the bowl with additional toppings such as nuts, seeds, crumbled feta cheese, or a sprinkle of herbs.
Storage and Shelf Life:

Assembled Buddha bowls are best enjoyed fresh to preserve the textures and flavors of the ingredients. If you need to store any leftovers, it’s recommended to keep the ingredients separate until you’re ready to eat. Store the cooked wild rice, chopped kale, avocado slices, and orange segments in airtight containers in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. However, keep in mind that avocados can brown over time, so add fresh avocado slices just before serving.

To maintain the best quality, it’s a good practice to assemble the bowl right before eating to ensure that the ingredients remain crisp and vibrant.

Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice

How many calories?

The exact number of calories in a Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange, and Wild Rice can vary based on portion sizes and the specific quantities of ingredients used. However, I can provide you with a general estimate of the calorie content for the main components of the bowl:

  • Fresh kale (1 cup, chopped): Approximately 33 calories
  • Ripe avocado (1/4 avocado): Approximately 80 calories
  • Fresh orange segments (1 medium orange): Approximately 62 calories
  • Cooked wild rice (1/2 cup): Approximately 83 calories

Keep in mind that these calorie estimates are approximate and can vary based on factors such as the size of the avocado, the specific type of rice used, and the method of preparation.

If you want a more accurate calculation of the total calories in your specific serving, I recommend using a nutritional calculator or app where you can input the exact quantities of each ingredient you’re using.

Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange and Wild Rice

Recipe Review


The Buddha Bowl with Kale, Avocado, Orange, and Wild Rice leaves a fresh and invigorating impression. Its vibrant colors and array of textures create an appetizing visual appeal, making it a delightful meal to behold.

Taste Evaluation:

The combination of earthy kale, creamy avocado, juicy orange, and nutty wild rice offers a harmonious blend of flavors. The mild bitterness of the kale is balanced by the richness of the avocado and the sweet citrusy notes from the orange. The wild rice adds a wholesome chewiness and a hint of nuttiness to each bite. The light vinaigrette dressing enhances the overall taste with a subtle tang and brightness.

This Buddha bowl is a perfect example of how different ingredients can come together to create a well-rounded and satisfying dish. The flavors are refreshing and complementary, making each spoonful a satisfying and nourishing experience.

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