Best Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

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Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

Hello! Today, I’m going to show you a recipe for broccoli cheese soup that you can make at home!

Broccoli Cheese Soup

About broccoli cheese soup

Health and Nutritional Information:

  • Broccoli Cheese Soup is a nutritious dish that provides essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Broccoli is rich in fiber, vitamins A, C, and K, and contains beneficial antioxidants.
  • The cheese adds protein and calcium to the soup, but it also increases the calorie and fat content.

Meal Recommendation:

  • Broccoli Cheese Soup can be enjoyed as a comforting and satisfying meal on its own or paired with a salad or bread for a more substantial meal.
  • It is especially suitable during colder months or when you crave a warm and creamy dish.


  • Broccoli: Fresh broccoli florets are the main ingredient. You can also include some stems for added texture.
  • Cheese: Cheddar cheese or any other melting cheese can be used to give the soup its rich and creamy consistency.
  • Other Ingredients: Onions, garlic, vegetable or chicken broth, butter, flour, milk or cream, and seasonings like salt, pepper, and nutmeg are commonly used.

Historical and Cultural Background:

  • Broccoli Cheese Soup is a popular dish in American cuisine, particularly in comfort food and soup recipes. It gained popularity in the late 20th century.

Homemade Tips and Equipment:

  • To enhance the flavor, you can sauté the onions and garlic before adding them to the soup.
  • Use an immersion blender or regular blender to puree the soup to a smooth consistency.
  • A medium-sized saucepan or soup pot, a cutting board, a knife, and a stirring spoon are the basic equipment needed to make Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Matching with Food and Beverages:

  • Broccoli Cheese Soup pairs well with crusty bread, such as baguette or garlic bread, for dipping or serving alongside.
  • It can also be enjoyed with a side salad, such as a fresh green salad or a tangy coleslaw, to add freshness and balance to the meal.
  • As for beverages, it pairs nicely with a crisp white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, or a light-bodied beer.

Shall we get started?
Take your time and follow along!

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe and Tips


  • 4 cups broccoli florets
  • 1 small onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups vegetable or chicken broth
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large pot, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the chopped onion and minced garlic, and sauté until they are soft and translucent.
  2. Sprinkle the flour over the onions and garlic, and stir well to combine. Cook for a minute to cook out the raw flour taste.
  3. Slowly pour in the vegetable or chicken broth while stirring continuously. Bring the mixture to a simmer and let it cook for a few minutes until it thickens slightly.
  4. Add the broccoli florets to the pot and stir them into the broth. Cook for about 5-7 minutes until the broccoli is tender but still has a slight bite.
  5. Reduce the heat to low and gradually pour in the milk, stirring constantly. Allow the soup to simmer for a few more minutes.
  6. Remove the pot from the heat and stir in the shredded cheddar cheese until it melts and the soup becomes creamy. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Serve the broccoli cheese soup hot and garnish with additional shredded cheese if desired.


  • For a smoother texture, you can use an immersion blender or a regular blender to puree some or all of the soup before adding the cheese.
  • If you prefer a thicker soup, you can add more flour or reduce the amount of liquid.
  • Customize the soup by adding other vegetables like carrots or cauliflower for extra flavor and nutrition.
  • Experiment with different types of cheese, such as Gruyere or Monterey Jack, to vary the taste.
  • Serve the soup with a sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley or a dollop of sour cream for added freshness and tanginess.

Enjoy your delicious Broccoli Cheese Soup!

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Calories of Broccoli Cheese Soup

The calorie content of Broccoli Cheese Soup can vary depending on the specific recipe and portion size. On average, a serving of Broccoli Cheese Soup (about 1 cup or 245 grams) can contain approximately 250-350 calories. However, it’s important to note that the calorie content can differ based on the amount of cheese, butter, and milk used in the recipe. Additionally, any additional toppings or garnishes will contribute to the overall calorie count. If you have a specific recipe in mind, I can provide a more accurate estimate of the calories for that particular version.

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Recipe Review


  1. Creamy and comforting, Broccoli Cheese Soup is a classic favorite.
  2. The vibrant green color of the soup is visually appealing and appetizing.
  3. The aroma of melted cheese and steamed broccoli fills the kitchen and whets the appetite.
  4. The combination of broccoli and cheese creates a satisfying and indulgent flavor profile.

Taste Evaluation:

  1. The soup has a rich and creamy texture that coats the palate.
  2. The flavor is a perfect balance of the mild bitterness from broccoli and the savory, cheesy notes.
  3. The broccoli provides a slight crunch, adding texture to the smooth soup base.
  4. The cheese adds a luxurious and tangy element, enhancing the overall taste experience.
  5. The soup is often seasoned with herbs and spices, adding depth and complexity to the flavor.

I am Korean and I love cooking all kinds of food, including American cuisine.
Thank you for reading my blog today. If you have any questions about Korean food,
please leave a comment and I will post delicious Korean food recipes. Thank you for your comments and likes!

The recipe for Broccoli Cheese Soup, Enjoy your meal and have a happy day!

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